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Sending French students abroad


Erasmus/Socrates exchange programs or other such conventions

1. Long studies abroad

During their first MA year, students have the opportunity to study a semester or a year abroad in a school in one of the following countries:

USA (Urbana-Champaign)
Canada (Montreal)
Spain (Barcelona, Valladolid, Madrid)
Portugal (Porto, Lisbon)
Italy (Bari, Genoa, Milan, Rome, Venice)
Holland (Groningen)
Belgium (Brussels, Liège, Mons)
Germany (Berlin, Mainz)
Austria (Vienna)
Romania (Bucarest)
United-Kingdom (Glasgow, Oxford)
Sweden (Stockholm)
Greece (Athens)
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Japan (Kyoto)
China (Shanghai)
Japan (Kyoto)
China (Shanghai)

Courses taken and assessed in the school abroad validate credits for the home university.
Those students who study abroad are selected during their 3rd year (at the beginning of January) by a teacher panel. Candidates must present their projects in the form of a portfolio in English or in the language of the country they have chosen.
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Those students who study abroad within the framework of an official agreement or exchange program can benefit from scholarships or financial aid : mobility aid from the Ministry of Culture, Erasmus scholarship and scholarship from the Ile-de-France region (based on social criteria) as well as specific financial aid depending on the destination.

2. Short studies abroad

Shorter term study periods abroad are also on offer to 2nd -o 5th-year students.
Project group work during the 4th and 5th year also entitle students to a short study period abroad:

Italy (Venice)
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Japan (Kyoto)
Thaïland (Bangkok)
China (Shanghai)
India (Mumbai)

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3. Practical internship

During the 2nd year of the MA, it is compulsory for students to carry out their practical internship abroad. Students choose the country themselves. Scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and from the Ile-de-France region may also be obtained according to the same criteria as for 1st-year MA exchange programs.
Students who are already partaking in an exchange program can carry out this internship following their study year abroad in the same country. The new Erasmus exchange program, " Education and Training throughout Life " can entitle an MA student to an internship scholarship if the internship is carried out in Europe.

4. Post-graduate scholarships for Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)

Agreements between the Ensa-v and the university of Urbana-Champaign entitles post-graduate students to apply for a scholarship to carry out a " master of architecture " over one or two years at Urbana-Champaign.

Mobility outside the framework of agreements

This type of mobility is only possible for one semester during the 2nd semester of the MA. 4th-year students must hand in their project to the international panel before the 15th of November. Students must confirm their departure before the 15th of January in written form and must hand in a certification of international insurance for their period abroad.

Mobility falling outside the framework of inter-school agreements cannot be implemented in a school with which the Ensa-v already has an agreement. When this type of mobility is supported by a teacher from the Ensa-v, it can lead to a new partnership. The semester will only be validated by project work and if need be, by the final paper. Indeed, documentary research started during the M1 first year can be considered to validate the semester on condition that the research director agrees. Any work carried out within the framework of mobility without an inter-school agreement shall be examined for validation in September by the Validation Panel concerning studies, professional experience or personal experience.