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Welcoming international students



The Ensa-v has three types of enrollment for international students :

1. BA and MA enrollment ('formal education')

International students must follow the enrollment procedure described in the section Enrollment of international students.

Contact : etranger@versailles.archi.fr

2. Enrollment within the framework of the Erasmus/Socrates exchange program or other convention.

The school welcomes international students selected by their university for a semester or an entire year. Students must inquire at the international relations office of their school who will forward the names of those candidates selected for the Ensa-v. The school welcomes these students in 3rd, 4th and 5th years.
The application form must be returned before the 15th of June.

During the first term, all international students at the Ensa-v are given French lessons.


3. Enrollment other than through an exchange program (free-movers)

These students are only exceptionally admitted. Candidates must send the Ensa-v a dossier before the 15th of April containing:
- a cover letter,
- a statement of grades and the syllabus of the university of origin,
- a letter of recommendation from one of the professors.