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The ensa-v encourages the intensive practise of architectural projects while developing issues inherent to architecture in the fields of constructions, towns and territories. That is why the school is at once a site for reflection, production and creation which entails a multiplicity of disciplinary approaches as well as a diversity of manipulation and modelling scales.

The course features teaching the theory and the practice of architectural and town planning projects to which 4 subject fields are associated: architectural technical sciences, history, human and social sciences and artistic knowledge.

The curriculum is in favour of interdisciplinarity based on architectural and urban projects as it enables students to understand and apprehend complex realities. The project must address among others, social, economic, technical, environmental and territorial issues.
After undergoing a well-structured and progressive BA, students gain greater autonomy during their MA with the choice of options, among which, projects they can work on, study paper subjects and courses to attend. The ensa-v also encourages studies abroad and offers students the possibility of completing a joint MA abroad.

Its primary goal is to train architects capable of exercising a range of professional practices and ready to accomplish new assignments in order to meet the ecological and sociological intricacies of the surrounding world.