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Curriculum organization



In compliance with the European harmonization of higher education curricula, the study program is broken up into 3 cycles, BA, MA and PhD, according to semesters.
This organization allows students to participate in European exchange programs and strengthens the relations between architecture schools and universities.

Each cycle confers a graduate diploma in architecture:
- a BA in architecture (diplôme d'études) at the close of a 3-year course,
- an MA in architecture (diplôme d'Etat) at the close of a 5-year course,
- a PhD in architecture at the close of an 8-year course.

Specialized Master's degrees

Other specialized MAs are also offered by the school, sometimes jointly with universities and confer students a university MA:
- a vocational MA,
- a research MA in preparation for a PhD.

Both these specialized MAs can be completed jointly with the university. Students who have validated the first year of their MA are entitled to attend one of these MAs while completing their second MA year at the school of architecture.

Post-graduate diplomas

There are also post-graduate diplomas in architecture issued only by national colleges of architecture:
- post-graduate specialization diplomas in architecture (DSA)
- an accreditation to work as project manager ( " habilitation à exercer la maîtrise d'œuvre en son nom propre ") which gives the MA graduate the accreditation to take on personal responsibilities entailed by project management.